Ginny Nilsen, CS

Christian Science Practitioner

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I did not grow up in Christian Science. In fact, I was a health educator in a very large Puget Sound HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) with several hospitals and more than a few clinics. I was steeped in physical theories of physique, causes of disease, behavior modification, nutrition, and at the end of my career, the latest research in altered states of consciousness, brain activity, and meditative positive thinking.

In my work, I began to notice that fears, comparisons and competitions drive people to live in ways that bring disorders, addictions and disease. These were in thought before they appeared in feelings, emotions, reactions, or even bodily ailments and disease.

Christian Science found me when I was desperate for the healing of an incurable disease and a chronic--and often acute--neurosis or disorder. I realized within a few months that an understanding of God, of Divine Love and Spirit as substance, was all I really needed to know and feel. What a launch-pad I was on! A loving Christian Science couple invited me to come and live with them, and I was off and running with a whole new way of spiritual thinking and a lifestyle centered on realizations and demonstrations of God's supreme power, love and control.

I have been in the public practice of Christian Science healing since 1979 and have been listed in the Christian Science Journal since 1998. I would be happy to help support your journey in awakening to the wholeness, peace and joy that are your birthright.

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