Ginny Nilsen, CS

Christian Science Practitioner

'Always on-key'
by Ginny Nilsen

November 2011

Written for the Christian Science Committee
on Publication for Southern California

Besides my desktop computer, I use a laptop, a notebook, and an iPhone for sending emails. Each has a uniquely different keyboard and sometimes my fingers don't quite adapt to the placement of the keys unless my thought is adapted to the application I am using at the time.

Recently, I ended an email to a friend on my iPhone, "Grinny Ginny" and (bless the Apple's computer programmer's heart), the iPhone thought I should be typing "Grumpy Ginny." It made me laugh. But had I not seen the correction before it was sent, who knows what the recipient would have thought when receiving my message.

It makes me think about how important it is to remember that my consciousness is God-manifested and Christ-sustained, especially when it comes to prayer and giving Christian Science treatment. Unlike the program that is built into my so-called 'smart phone,' God's law of adjustment keeps the thought of God's Man eternally, universally, and precisely intelligent; wise, honest, pure, and loving. How reassuring it is to know that our health and relationships, in every way, are maintained in peace, integrity, health, and unity.

This "unity of good" that Mary Baker Eddy discovered and gave the world in Science & Health was demonstrated to me recently. One morning my daughter, who had estranged herself from me for the last two years, communicated to me via Facebook the announcement of my grandson's forthcoming first baby and wanted to know what I would like the child to call me. After clearing my eyes of tears of gratitude responded to her.

I felt that Christian Science and all the daily scientific prayers I received via the Christ contributed to the natural and precise point of unity, love, and healing the two of us have always shared. I can say, with full awareness, that not one prayer was 'off-key.' Each thought and idea of this revelation of Truth as discovered by Eddy has always kept us in one Life and consciousness. That morning we each experienced it clearly.

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