Ginny Nilsen, CS

Christian Science Practitioner

Traveling the Smooth, Harmonious Road of Life
by Ginny Nilsen

A guest post written for Christian Science in Southern California "Spiritual Perspectives"

August 2017

A few times a week I drive a certain route toward the mountains and there are spots where my cell phone reception cuts out while driving along sections of old, patched, and bumpy cement road. At one point, the street turns and, lo and behold, there is a section that has recently been laid with the smoothest layer of blacktop imaginable. It is literally like satin, with my car almost floating along down the road. And then the street is back to the old rough and bumpy concrete.

I keep thinking about this frequent journey as a metaphor for what human life seems to be at times: rough spots, disconnects, sickness, injuries, disappointments, lost items, relationship problems, misunderstandings, etc. I say 'seems,' because as a student of Christian Science I strive to hold thought not to the sometimes suffering perceptions of the five physical senses, but to the spiritual reality of God's harmonious creation. I practice to know the temporary rough spots in life that seem to need healing are not God's will for His creation. I've come to realize they can be dismissed by working to reflect God by expressing joy and gratitude in honoring God’s constant good. To me this is somewhat like the idea that my car knows nothing about the surface of the road in determining how the engine operates and also knows nothing about the engine processes that get me where I need to go.

I, too, don't need to think about changing matter to embrace the idea of what God knows of my safety, security, peace, and comfort as His child. I can always hold my thought to God's love and care for me and to the wholeness that can't be lessened or interrupted – regardless of what the physical senses tell me. God, divine Love, maintains harmony and order at all times. Christ Jesus healed fear, physical disease, deformities, and even calmed a raging sea by understanding God's consistent goodness, and so can every one of us through the understanding of God, divine Love. Christ Jesus understood, knew, and proved the harmony that is available to all – as well as the timelessness and consistency of divine Spirit [God] – no matter what the physical senses suggested.

I'm especially grateful for the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, in particular Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Eddy's writings explain the Science and laws of God in the Bible and teaches how to experience the flawless life of divine Spirit that Christ Jesus said would be the "Comforter" for all time to come – maintaining harmony, peace, and love in human consciousness.

This understanding of the "highway of our God" – holding thought in line with God's truth – brings harmony to daily activities and relationships. As Eddy wrote in relation to following Christ Jesus' example: "I will follow and rejoice All the rugged way." Fearlessly trust that no rough patches be met to interrupt or negatively influence life's journey!

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