Ginny Nilsen, CS

Christian Science Practitioner

Testimonies of Healing

Oregon, USA:
"I received such a feeling of love's presence while talking to Ginny, that I had a healing of a headache. Another time, I had a sprained ankle. In the course of an evening, Ginny’s holding to the truth that I am God’s reflection and idea led to a change of thought. By the time I returned home, the condition was well on its way to being healed."

"Ginny's kindness, wisdom and understanding of God goes a long way toward making me recognize the trivialities of my human condition, and helps sustain and uplift my genuine comfort in spirit." - Mexico

Ginny has always been there through thick or thin, to answer calls or take the case, no matter what. When I have called her for help through prayer, she has been so accurate with the quotes she offered from the Bible or Mrs. Eddy's writings. They have always inspired me to the point where the mesmerism broke, meaning the error was corrected mentally, and the fear eliminated. In most cases, the healing happened instantaneously while still on the phone!

Eugene, Oregon:
"Ginny is uncompromising in knowing and claiming that God is the Only Power, and that Love is all there is."

Salt Lake City, Utah:
"I first met Ginny when I was five, and when my family moved to Arizona, we kept in touch. When I was about 14, I was having some problems and Ginny helped me. Spiritual growth came throughout the years as I was having truly Christ-like healings with Ginny; from dealing with severe money problems, to both my legs appearing to be broken. Ginny taught me to wake up from a mortal dream, and realize that this is not a material world we are living in and that we do not have material bodies. She told me to read in the book Science And Health With Key to the Scriptures on page 475 by Mary Baker Eddy, "Man is not made up of brain, blood, bones, and other material elements...Man is spiritual and perfect..." This passage helped me to realize that God would provide what I needed, and when I needed it. Then the money problems just disappeared like dew on the morning grass when the sun shines.

That same quote helped me when I lost my balance and an entertainment center fell on my legs. My mom and dad lifted it off me, and I was helped to bed. I called Ginny and then I thought, "I'M NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS." I clung fast to the truth that "MAN IS NOT MADE OF BRAIN, BLOOD AND BONES." Soon after, I felt relaxed with no thought of hurt. I got up and got in my car and finished my daily business and thanked God that I was free. Ginny has taught me so much through the years. She is truly an amazing healer. She will give you tools to use Christian Science healing and let your spiritual light shine."

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